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The 12 Ideas Of Christmas

An idea and a challenge. Between now and New Years day, I challenge you to come up with 12 new ideas (and I’ll do it too!). They can be anything you like but keep them relevant to you; they could be blog ideas, story ideas, films, songs, poems, designs, videos, papers, exercise regimens, new ways … Continue reading

How to start a Social Media Campaign

See on Scoop.it – DIY Social Media The essentials of starting and maintaining a successful social media campaign. See on http://www.seosandwitch.com

Simon Staffans: The audience is your channel | | MIPBlogMIPBlog

See on Scoop.it – Social Media Storytelling See on blog.mipworld.com

Analogue Declutter

I have a considerable sized CD collection. Its quite big, not as big as Rob Fleming’s in High Fidelity (Rob Gordon if you only know the film) but I’d estimate at around 250 to 270 CDs. I also have a fair sized book collection and DVDs too! I enjoy collecting CDs. I love the way … Continue reading

Originally posted on Effective Social & Digital Media Storytelling Blog:
“What do I write in my blog?” There could be many approaches to this; how do you find your story? What do you want to say? What are the best tools to use to say it? But this post isn’t for those kinds of questions,…

dan le sac – Memorial / Reprisals


Great new album from dan le sac, I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.

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This week I am running a series of 3, half day workshops for communicating research with impact. Will post more details in a full blog post soon at my work blog, jnc1.wordpress.com

Indie Game The Movie Soundtrack

Indie Game The Movie Soundtrack

So I’ve been banging on (and on) via Twitter about this fantastic album. Its the soundtrack that accompanies the movie, Indie Game The Movie which is well worth a watch whether you’re a gamer or not. The film is about humans, not games.

The album is one of those beautiful albums which can swell, evolve and fill a background space. Well worth every penny.

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Sun sun sun…

Having spent (a little too much) time in the sun I’ve a busy work ahead. Music post and MPhil post coming up…

Sunday! (at last!)

This past week has gone by like a blur! Good and bad, no real highlights to speak of but this Sunday was needed and feels well deserved!