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Working on a food blog when I should be working on my PGCE journal… Advertisements


A tape recorder similar to the one I used As a child I had an old tape recorder with a microphone which I inherited from my Grandpa. I used it to record my voice over and over again. Eventually, I tried to copy how the news readers on the television and radio talked and made … Continue reading


Been at my friend’s house for about 4 hours, all of the curtains were closed so I couldn’t see out. Before I left for my friend’s house there was barely a sprinkling of snow and when I their house to come home it was like this!!! That’s a good six inches of snow in about … Continue reading

This Week’s Top 5 (according to and listened by me!)

Another week flies by and to be quite honest I’d like to recall some events that have happened but I’m not entirely sure where the week has gone. On Wednesday we went to XFM’s Winter Wonderland, an indie music festival featuring such artists as The View, Everything Everything, Mystery Jets, Bombay Bicycle club and The … Continue reading

Sunday Essay Writing Procrastination

I really should be writing this essay about social networking and the ever changing users and uses of the internet but I just made a great essay writing playlist and I thought I’d share it with you. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Greatest Hits (whole album)The Shins – Caring is Creepy, New SlangArcade Fire – … Continue reading

Not A Radio Show ep.1

Well here it is, my first ever podcast! http://www.podbean.com/podcast-audio-video-blog-player/mp3playerlightsmallv3.swf?audioPath=http://jamiecoles.podbean.com/mf/play/5j9jna/podcast1.mp3&autoStart=no Powered by Podbean.com It’s just under 25 minutes of music and a little bit of me talking about the music I love and what I grew up with and the first CD I ever bought(which is pretty embarrassing). Enjoy!

This Weeks Top 5 (according to and listened by me!)

It’s been a busy week for me; a lot of University work as deadlines are approaching, I’m currently working as boom operator on set of Snowglobe and my laptop broke on Thursday!! It was a nightmare, the keyboard stopped working; I think I deleted something vital to make it work by accident. Thank goodness for … Continue reading

Millenial Tweet

So the thousandth tweet came and went today and sadly it was all wrapped up in the passion of the student demos again today. The tweet was RT @flayman When police use riot control tactics, a riot is what they’re going to get. This is not a coincidence. #demo2010 Powerful, relevant and passionate. Maybe I … Continue reading

the 1000th Tweet

So I’m coming up to my 1000th tweet (I need to be careful not to waste it on a throwaway tweet to someone like @darrylmorris – that would be annoying) so what shall I post?Meaningful and insightful?Poetical and inspirational?I’ll have a think.In the meantime suggestions on the back of a postcard (or email, tweet or … Continue reading

This Weeks Top 5 (according to and listened by me!)

Here we go, in reverse order… Number 5Addicted to Bass Winter 2010 (Ministry Of Sound) Always good to keep the MOS compilations on the list and (it might just be me) but their releases seem to get stronger! This album sees some very generic drum n bass, bassline and dance come together with some more … Continue reading