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Analogue Declutter

I have a considerable sized CD collection. Its quite big, not as big as Rob Fleming’s in High Fidelity (Rob Gordon if you only know the film) but I’d estimate at around 250 to 270 CDs. I also have a fair sized book collection and DVDs too!

I enjoy collecting CDs. I love the way that you can hand one to somebody and ask them to “put on track 5”. I love that when you buy them, you actually have something. I like the cover notes. I like having a lot of them and looking through my collection.

But, recently, something has occurred to me. Are these CDs cluttering up my life, they take up space, effort to put on and keep organised and tidy. Also, they’re sapping my money; I can easily spend surplus of twenty pounds per month on new CDs (and new old CDs) and regularly do, when I could be spending less on MP3s (iTunes) or even less on a subscription service like Spotify.

Do I need an analogue declutter? I could sell my CDs (something that I looked into last year and could get on average £1 per CD), books and DVDs which could free up some cash, time and indeed, space and live digitally forevermore.

After all, you can’t buy VHS tapes (or, more importantly, VHS players) anymore…

Obviously, I wouldn’t be actually selling the music, no, most of that is already in my iTunes library anyway and any CDs that aren’t can be added. So what would I actually be getting rid of? Just the physical, tactile CDs that you can hold and have. But I would still have the music and that is their worth anyway isn’t it?

Over the next few weeks I’m going to consider this further, looking into how much I could actually get for my CDs, what I could do with the money and how it will impact my life.

Please add your thoughts in the comments below, tweet me @jamiethecoles or email jamie-coles@live.co.uk because I’d love to hear your thoughts.


About jamiethecoles

Media production graduate, MPhil at @BoltonUni. Turtle owner, liberal, social media & radio geek, #foodie, lover of music, magic and rum! #WhatUpJ #UoBSMP


2 thoughts on “Analogue Declutter

  1. All media seems to be headed to the cloud and out of our hands, hang on to what you have.

    The cash from CD sales won’t register a ripple in the sea of student debt and I can’t imagine you’re so strapped that the cash will bail you out of a hole right now.

    De-clutter your flat but do what everyone else does and stick it all in yer folks loft, then when you have a decent sized space go find your hidden treasure.

    CDs (and better still vinyl) are little time capsules. Every little detail is a historical nugget. The haircuts – the style of photography itself – the record label notes, production personnel, even tiny details like bar codes and web addresses all have a place in time that the digital file alone has been severed from. Some of my CDs still have a little free post card inside requesting info about future releases from the label. And vinyl records come with all sorts of stuff hidden in those sleeves.

    As for the hardware to play them on, music consumption is a little less fickle than other forms of media (read: the world is full of audio nerds – usually men). You can still buy turntables in 2012, CD players may become a niche market but they’re here for a while yet.

    Rip it all to multiple hard-drives, box it up and store it for now. Keep hold of whatever hardware you have and buy what you like the look of depending on your resources. If you’re flush and like the look of the new 180 gram repressing or the limited edition boxset and book buy it and enjoy. If you’re skint then listen to Spotify.

    Laters fella…

    Posted by Ian | September 29, 2012, 12:49 pm
  2. In addition to storing tracks digitally, the ultimate is to get yr guitar out n learn em. a problem with the hard core D&B but hey, do a version.

    Posted by David Kirk | November 6, 2012, 12:37 pm

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