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“What do I write in my blog?”

There could be many approaches to this; how do you find your story? What do you want to say? What are the best tools to use to say it? But this post isn’t for those kinds of questions, this post is for activation, incitement and awakening. This post is advice which I have to heed myself at times, which, in a reflexive kind of way, is how this post has come about.

Step 1 – Put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard)

This may seem obvious, to write a blog post you have to write, but it never ceases to amaze me how many people (I too am guilty of this) talk about and plan amazing blog posts but never actually sit down to write it. I have learned that organisation and planning are great in theory but many never put it…

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Media production graduate, MPhil at @BoltonUni. Turtle owner, liberal, social media & radio geek, #foodie, lover of music, magic and rum! #WhatUpJ #UoBSMP


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