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dan le sac – Memorial / Reprisals


Great new album from dan le sac, I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.

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This week I am running a series of 3, half day workshops for communicating research with impact. Will post more details in a full blog post soon at my work blog, jnc1.wordpress.com

Believe – Virgin Media Shorts

A stunning short film made by some clever, clever people. Enjoy and share: Believe – Virgin Media Shorts.  

Indie Game The Movie Soundtrack

Indie Game The Movie Soundtrack

So I’ve been banging on (and on) via Twitter about this fantastic album. Its the soundtrack that accompanies the movie, Indie Game The Movie which is well worth a watch whether you’re a gamer or not. The film is about humans, not games.

The album is one of those beautiful albums which can swell, evolve and fill a background space. Well worth every penny.

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