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Switzerland, Bristol and an artsy look into life

Recently I’ve taken a few weeks out for work, relaxation and reflection.

Firstly, in the middle of August I traveled for 24 hours and a many hundreds of miles to reach St Prex in Switzerland where I was working as a sound recordist for a documentary about the St Prex Classics festival. Not only was I recording interviews with members of the public but also with big names in the classical music world such as Philipe Jaroussky, Jérémie Bélingard and the rock star of the festival, Nigel Kennedy. In addition to this I was recording concerts, jams and rehearsals; a real learning curve but an opportunity that I took advantage of and achieved some good results.

The festival itself was in the beautiful town of St Prex, on the shore of lake Geneva, with some beautiful scenery; timeless buildings, vineyards, and of course the glimmering lake in the sun. One of the highlights of the trip was traveling out into Lake Geneva on a yacht where an upcoming violinist performed for us in the sun with nothing else to be heard except for the water lapping the yacht and the sound of live classical music.

After two long but very enjoyable weeks we traveled back to the UK where I then headed off for Bristol to visit my uncle and his family. I had a great time absorbing what is an incredibly cultural city. The creative community there is huge and the city itself is so inspiring. A particular highlight was wandering Stokes Croft, which recently became infamous for it’s people burning down a Tesco but also where the likes of Banksy and Massive Attack came from. It is also a part of the city where there are free shops, squats and “people’s” art galleries which have been setup in an almost anarchic manner but benefit the local community. It’s such an inspiring area to see that the people themselves have made a claim and taken it for themselves in a completely selfless manner. I recommend that you visit there.


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