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Some new music for your tastebuds

As you all know I am a keen fan of new, underground and unsigned music and so I have several things to share with you today. The Wax Dramatic The Wax Dramatic are a very contemporary sounding band from the wonderful city of Nottingham with a seamless blend of electronic synth meets indie guitar rock. … Continue reading


A tape recorder similar to the one I used As a child I had an old tape recorder with a microphone which I inherited from my Grandpa. I used it to record my voice over and over again. Eventually, I tried to copy how the news readers on the television and radio talked and made … Continue reading


On set of Bare Stage Hi all! First up SORRY I’ve not posted in a while I wasn’t being lazy, just busy! Really busy! I’ll be sticking up a mix soon so please don’t loose faith! Also take a look at the lovely Lucy Harding’s new blog her blog really puts mine to shame! Bye … Continue reading