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Enter ‘2Deth’

I came across this on Archibold Flamingo’s new blog (visit it) 2Deth is a producer and synth player in The Wax Dramatic (Facebook page here) who have been making some noise in the Nottingham music scene for a little while now. Anyways, he’s been producing his own electro/dubstep type music and remixing his band’s tracks … Continue reading

The Infinity Chilli

Hi, A little bit different from what I usually post but I saw this and HAD to share. This video of a guy eating the Infinity Chili, allegedly the world’s hottest measuring a Scoville Rating of 1,176,182, measuring 1,172,682 above tabasco sauce and just under 824000 below pepper spray. I actually feel for the guy, … Continue reading

Album Review

Chase & Status –  No More Idols Chase & Status have already been very significant in 2011 for me. For starters, they brought in the year at Nottingham’s Rock City when they played the 2011 countdown which was something very special; to be surrounded by great friends in your favourite city, your hometown no less … Continue reading

Album Review

 The Streets – Computers and Blues In 2002 one man changed the British musical landscape forever; scarring it, remolding it, evolving it into his own. This man was Mike Skinner, better known as The Streets. Nine years and four albums on, The Streets release their fifth and final album, Computers and Blues. A momentous and … Continue reading

RTS Student Awards Best Fiction

On Monday 24th of January we attended the Royal Television Society Student Awards as our film, Play Nice had been nominated for the ‘Best Fiction’ award. Cynical as we are, we didn’t expect to win and so turned up in jeans and tshirts; everyone was else was wearing a suit or smart clothes. Radio presenter, Andy … Continue reading