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Mutated Music – Part 1

This is the start of a series of posts which I hope to eventually compile into a book haha! Or maybe just one big post 🙂
Music is something that is both reflexive and conscious. It inspires, discourages and creates (all at the same time). One track spawns two more equally the same and equally different. Then, in turn, these two tracks spawn two more equally the same and equally different tracks. And from that first, original track we now have seven tracks all equally similar but equally different yet the further along the chain we go, the further from the original track they are and are, therefore, more equally different.
Or equally more different.
It’s like genetics, evolution and family trees all rolled into one. There are of course mutations and I believe that it’s these mutations which are significant. Songs that sound so familiar but so original. Songs that are forever fresh and spawn a new breed in music. And so, I name this article;

Mutated Music

 And today’s track is…

Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles

Okay, so perhaps too obvious for the first part but this (let’s be honest) well-ahead-of-it’s-time track uses so many concepts of electronic music, dance music as well as innovative use of instruments, recording and vocals.

A lot of the instruments and certainly the drum sequence sound like samples, machines and synthesis but we have to remember that in this early time of tape loops, reverb and reverse this was a pioneering way of music production and showed John, Ringo, Paul and George’s creativity (and recreational drug use) at it’s best.

Once you’ve had a listen to this brilliant piece of music head over to your Chemical Brothers collection (or see below) and have a listen to Let Forever Be as it (though clearly a tribute) is undeniably similar and featuring Noel Gallagher on the vocals how much more Beatles can you be.

This track certainly anchors us in terms of this feature, musically to the world and looking back, in my opinion, to the birth of looped, sampled and electronically adjusted music.

Let the geeks prove me wrong.

The album, Revolver by the Beatles which features Tomorrow Never Knows is a great album and definitely worth a listen.

Keep locked for more and check here to contact me with your choice of mutated song.


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