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Album Review

Logistics – Spacejams (Hospital Records)

For those of you who don’t know, I genuinely believe that Hospital Records, as a label, are responsible for some of the best electro, dance and drum n bass artists in the world and are therefore responsible for some of the best tracks in the world.

Their latest release, Logistics’ Spacejams is no exception. It takes some of the best tracks of Logistics’ six year stint with Hospital and compiles them onto this decisively selected album.

The album spans Logistics’ releases looking back to 2004’s Spacejam EP which makes up the first four tracks of the album, Kaleidoscope being one of my favourites and one regularly heard when I put on some drum n bass.

We then move forward to some of ’05 and ’06’s releases such as Summer Sun; the mighty Blackout, in my opinion a pioneering track for drum n bass as we know it and Colour Wheel.

The CD also offers two collaborative tracks featuring two of Hospital Records’ greats, Cynatific and London Elektricity. The Cyantific track, Flashback features a great synth melody and hook as well as driving a killer beat and bassline.

Other highlights include The Trip, perhaps a more laid-back, melodic but still banging track all the same which promises to take us on a trip “a journey full of sound and beats,” and it sure delivers. Krusty Bass Rinser is a heavy track with a dirty, distorted bassline with a massive breakdown and drop which is guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

The all-embracing album shows of Logistics artform in an almost exhibition like way and there is certainly plenty to appreciate.

Hats off to Hospital Records.



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