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Album Review

I Blame Coco – The Constant (Island Records)

Since watching I Blame Coco at Manchester Academy the other week (see the review here), this album has been highly anticipated and so when I woke up singing Self Machine yesterday morning I can admit to being excited.

For those of who don’t yet know of I Blame Coco aka Coco Sumner (aka Eliot Sumner) she is daughter of Sting and actress, Trudie Styler, a singer/songwriter and performer.

The album, The Constant comprises of 14 tracks (one of which is a rework) and opens with Self Machine a single released in June 2010 which reached 64th in the UK chart and is a great song to open the album with as it has a catchy chorus and vocal hook.

The second track, In Spirit Golden is another single, released on October 31st 2010, and is another good melodic song with a great hook which is sure to get you singing along.

The third track is called Quicker and I (and Lucy) predict it to be the next single as it’s an uptempo song with a prominent instrumental backing and a satisfying catchy vocal hook.

Please Rewind, the fifth track is a passionate and climactic track which builds a rise in the album for the slower, more emotional Summer Rain which is about trust and relationships and is quite frankly beautifully written and every lyric resonates a sound of hard truth and experience.

The album has many electronic indie tracks with a prominent beat and the drums often drives the song forward which really makes you want to tap your feet (at the very least). Party Bag is certainly one of those tracks with a lovely vocal line, well written lyrics and thumping drum pattern that reverberates through your body like a pulse of energy.

Caesar featuring Robyn was probably Coco’s biggest release receiving great reviews and a lot of airplay in February when it was released. This leads the album to climax and what feels like a natural ending despite it only being track 11 (of 14).

It’s About to Get Worse is another slower and more emotional song which really draws on Sumner’s song writing capability “I’m reaching out are we gonna sink or swim? I’m hibernating, under your skin[…]”. The slower, more raw songs on the album are, in my opinion, what really show off Sumner’s strength as a lyricist and songwriter.

The album is a really great one with Summer Rain and It’s About to Get Worse showing off her songwriting ability, Party Bag, Self Machine and Quicker making the listener want to dance and the catchy vocal hooks that we all search for in memorable music.

There may be three or four tracks on the album which don’t stand out and really do feel like filler music but these are massively outweighed by the tracks that I now constantly sing in the shower, on the toilet and walking to the shops.

I really rate I Blame Coco’s debut album, The Constant and reckon that everyone should at least give it a listen especially if you’re fans of the likes of Ellie Goulding, La Roux or Florence and The Machine.



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