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Kid British – A Plea for More Music

Of all the bands that ever left me craving more, Kid British are number one!
They released the first half of their album, It Was This or Football, a great 6 track EP which perfectly blends 2 tone ska, hiphop and catchy, upbeat pop. Since then they have since spent a lot of time touring and quite frankly, not enough time releasing tracks.

Live, this band is like a giddy throwback ’80s party; the band, reminiscent of something out of Quadrophenia (a great film about mods and rockers in the ’70s with a fantastic The Who soundtrack) – shirts, ties, braces, Dr. Martins and pork pie hats dancing like herberts.

The music reflects their image; upbeat, ska, reggae and Motown influences with an electro, contemporary feel. Their music is real, it deals with the nitty gritty life of Manchester and Britain itself. Listening to it takes you to a world where mates are mates, lads are lads and we all go down the pub for several pints a watch the football. Maybe later we’ll scrap with a few skinheads.

I beg Kid British to release the second half of their album it’s been 469 days (and counting) since they released the first half and the second half is long overdue.

Check out their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/kidbritish for a couple of free songs and if you get the opportunity to see them live, free up your diary and do it!

This is Kid British’s amazing cover of the Thin Lizzy’s Boys are Back in Town

It Was This Or Football (first half) is available from Amazon.co.uk


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