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What a weekend…..

Wow! It’s Sunday!! The days have just flown by since Thursday and the general elections.
So where to start…….

Hung Parliament

Why not start at the top; Friday saw the election results, the British people spoke and they said “erm…” so now we have a government that has no one strong leader.
What next for the people of the UK? A Tory/Liberal government? The Conservative Democrats? Two different sides aligning for a greater Britain – probably. Other parties of course could form a coalition and take majority however the Lib Dems have the power to offer near enough a majority to any one party.
I, personally, am interested to see what Lib Dem can do to Conservatives to push more of their policies. I am also apprehensive to what a conservative government can do.

Heart FM

 I got offered some work experience at 106 Heart FM in Nottingham for the summer. After a tough interview they said they’ll take me on from mid July.  So that’s good news.

Play Nice

Went into production of our latest short film this weekend; Play Nice. A film about two young boys playing war in a forest. A lot of fun but very stressful, working with kids isn’t too easy but both were great! The oldest, Rowan, 11, was excellent. Below is a picture of the whole production team at work.  
We had a great time none the less throwing leaves and eachother mimicking explosions and generating smoke with fires and dry leaves! Student filmmaking is great!
More deadlines coming up, going to crack on with work! No minimix this week but the 15 min hospital mix will be up Monday morning. Working on some more of my documentary production, Broken Landscapes. See it here (footage coming in the next few days) http://manmadeview.blogspot.com/

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Media production graduate, MPhil at @BoltonUni. Turtle owner, liberal, social media & radio geek, #foodie, lover of music, magic and rum! #WhatUpJ #UoBSMP


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