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MOS Brings dubstep to the mainstream

I was browsing iTunes earlier today, as I often do and stumbled across Ministry of Sounds latest release. A dubstep album.

My initial thoughts were “Woah! Dubstep has landed!” Great! Dubstep is slowly building in popularity and here we have MOS, one of Britain’s biggest dance music labels acknowledging it. The tracks on the album are….. ok, some nice remixes on there and some of the more heard dubstep tunes. Good.

No? Reading some of the reviews I began to realise just where people hold dubstep in regards to other music. One reviewer put “Posers and wannabes buy this mainstream junk” saying that he disregards it all because of its popularity.

Another reviewer wrote “Dubstep is an alternative to mainstream dance & pop, it should be treated with respect and I personally find it an insult to my music taste when ministry jump on the band wagon with their cheesy logos and commercials…” Dubstep is an ALTERNATIVE to mainstream!? Should be treated with respect?! Ministry of Sound are promoting the DJs and artists who produce this music! They’re promoting the genre!

The final straw for me was when a reviewer calling himself The Bamboozeler said “I enjoyed it because it was different and wasn’t mainstream and now ministy of sound have planted their massive foot in it […] it’s not supposed to be big” It’s not supposed to be big!? Of course, now I get it! Those record producers and record companies and night clubs and radio companies and record shops are selling/playing/producing dubstep tunes because they enjoy it but want to keep it a secret. They’d never want to make money from their art!

Let’s not forget that dubstep was brought into the world by the legend, John Peel on Radio 1 no less!

I’m ranting so I’m going to round this up; What I’m getting at is the people who support genres because it’s different to “the mainstream” and then when it becomes popular they hate it. I love music because I love the music, not because of the people who like (or know about) it. I think that the people commenting in this way are fickle, close minded and shallow and somehow forget about the amount of airplay that dubstep gets on mainstream radio.

Finally, things get popular because they are great! Dubstep is great! Don’t hate the popularity it’s gained, celebrate the greatness!

Rant over. Links to the album (and insipid reviews) are below along with a link to the dubstep wiki page (which I think confirms several of my points).

MOS The Sound of Dubstep on iTunes
Wiki Dubstep

NB. If you are by any chance one of the reviewers of that album or mentioned here, don’t hate me and my views but take them on board…….. haha! Mainstream and underground music have a special bond and underground becomes mainstream because the music is great!


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