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What a week……

I have no idea where to start so expect a mega post tomorrow (and probably some more on sunday too!)In the meantime here’s a some advice as we near festival season: How Not To Wash Your Hands at Music Festival Advertisements

Championing New Producers, New Music and New Ideas

So we’re heading towards the summer and deadlines will be finished soon which leaves me a chance to concentrate on other areas. I’ve been stupidly busy this past week with filming and university so I’ve not been able to put out a mix but as deadlines draw closer I can begin to start with looking … Continue reading

What a weekend…..

Wow! It’s Sunday!! The days have just flown by since Thursday and the general elections. So where to start……. Hung Parliament Why not start at the top; Friday saw the election results, the British people spoke and they said “erm…” so now we have a government that has no one strong leader. What next for … Continue reading

Election day!!

It’s bigger than Britains Got Talent and The X Factor combined! Its the british general elections!!Haha! Yeah right!!Looking forward to tomorrow and results, first election I’ve been able to vote in. This could be interesting. And don’t forget in the immortal words of The King Blues, “no matter who you vote for, the government always … Continue reading

MOS Brings dubstep to the mainstream

I was browsing iTunes earlier today, as I often do and stumbled across Ministry of Sounds latest release. A dubstep album. My initial thoughts were “Woah! Dubstep has landed!” Great! Dubstep is slowly building in popularity and here we have MOS, one of Britain’s biggest dance music labels acknowledging it. The tracks on the album … Continue reading

Turn up the bass and reinforce your pants….

Here it is! My brand new 5 minute dubstep mix! http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fjamie-coles%2Fdubstep-minimix  Dubstep minimix by Jamie Coles

Star Wars Day

Yes it is May 4th which is now known internationally as Star Wars Day so here’s a token image of my favourite sith: May The Fourth Be With You Maybe I should do a Star Wars mix.  Progress Progress on the Hospital Tribute mix is coming along, compiled the tracks that I want (cutting through … Continue reading

Big Mixes on The Way [watch this space]

Just done some work to this Friday’s Hospital Records Mix!Also got a dubstep 5 minute mix coming in the next couple of days!

BBC Radio 1 Bank Holiday Madness

Been listening to Annie Mac, what a truly inspirational DJ she is and very much to blame for my position and ambitions today as well as my taste in music.Later on there’s going to be a whole 12 hour takeover of Drum N Bass can you handle it?Check it out http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/


Right, facebook, twitter and soundcloud all connected (I think haha!) Bed time right now then!! COMING SOON  Hospital 15 minute tribute mix to be played on DJ Jaxx Tuned Cruise on Bolton FM friday and saturdays nights and a 5 minute dark and downright dirty dubstep mix