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The 12 Ideas Of Christmas

An idea and a challenge. Between now and New Years day, I challenge you to come up with 12 new ideas (and I’ll do it too!). They can be anything you like but keep them relevant to you; they could be blog ideas, story ideas, films, songs, poems, designs, videos, papers, exercise regimens, new ways … Continue reading


  • This week I am running a series of 3, half day workshops for communicating research with impact. Will post more details in a full blog post soon at my work blog, jnc1.wordpress.com
  • Having spent (a little too much) time in the sun I've a busy work ahead. Music post and MPhil post coming up...
  • This past week has gone by like a blur! Good and bad, no real highlights to speak of but this Sunday was needed and feels well deserved!
  • Working on a food blog when I should be working on my PGCE journal...
  • I'm now back in Bolton, back to the grind. Message me
  • Just wanted to try this really but I'm in Nottingham. Have been since last Thursday. Will be back in Bolton on Monday. Thanks